Doggy Day Care

Dog Day Care provides an entertaining, stimulating environment for your dog. This exercise is ideal especially for puppies and seniors and all ages can enjoy the days activities safely.
We have a quiet area for puppies and dogs who may need ‘time out’ for extra cuddles or a rest from play. Play and rest sessions are based on each dogs requirements, most dogs just love to play all day.

Daycare can solve lots of problems for owners of bored, destructive dogs or dogs with separation anxiety. The dogs learn how to behave around other dogs, they loose the desire to be destructive or stressed by the absence of their owners and soon become happier well socialised dogs.
At the end of the day the dogs are tired, content and ready to spend a peaceful evening at home after a tailwagging day at Auchenshugle Pet Services.

We collect for Free within 5 miles of G72 7DR thereafter it is 48p a mile within a 150 mile radius.

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