Home Visits – Drop into your home feed your pet check visits  this includes any pet at, dog even hamsters in your own home.£10 a visit

Dog Walking – Group Dog Walks – Single Dog Walks duration as requested. £10

Pet Transportation – Need a visit to the Vet or any other destination but don’t have transport we can help.

Adventure Walks – We take your dog for an adventure in the woodland and surrounding areas. £10

Beach Days – Our Beach days consist of a 4 hour beach visit with lots of fun for all. £20

Home to Home Boarding – This consists of two walks a day, two feeds and general health check to make sure your pet is happy and comfortable in their own surroundings. This service is available to any animal in your own home. £30 a day. This is a limited service that is only available if its local to us and we are able to meet your pets needs.

Home from Home Boarding – Pick up take to my home 2 long walks a day feeding, socialised with family, played with, looked after properly, home from home boarding. £30 a day.

This service is only available if your dog is female or Male and neutered & you have your dog walked with us on a regular basis.

As we have our own very busy dog walking service running 5 days a week.

We can’t  cater for dogs we don’t know, as we have our own 4 Labradors all female their happiness and wellbeing is paramount to us.

If we cant help we can always recommend someone who can.

Areas we cover








Mount Vernon


Newton Farm




and surrounding areas

Many thanks

Suzy &Scott


All services are personalised to each individual dog and their owner so any questions feel free to ask and we will endeavour to answer your questions.

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